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We are your specialist for thrilling team adventures. We can offer a perfect package for your event.

Business Team Escape Events

Your group of up to 48 will spend their pre-adventure time in our cozy Jungle Bistro enjoying soft drinks, hot drinks, and snacks. After an unforgettable adventure, your participants will receive certificates, medals and an Escape Passport. Escape Rooms are the perfect combination of both team building and excitement. 29,- Euro per person, you will get an invoice for pre-payment. Catering and BBQ is available on request.

Send us an email and include date, time, number of people in your party and your company info. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Why is Escape Adventures perfect for a team building event?

As a team, you’ll find yourself in an unknown environment and have to complete unknown tasks. The tasks are created so that you can’t apply any outside knowledge, therefore everyone is at the same level. At the same time, the tasks need to be solved by a team, not by a single person. You will have to work together to find the right solutions. You have to communicate well, make intelligent decisions and act quickly to achieve your goal. This will bond you together and at the same time will show you where your weak points are.

Escape Events for your School class

We have a special rate for school class with at least 12 kids, Monday to Friday at 10:00 am or 11:30 am, only 20.- Euros per kid, without drinks. Just book the desired rooms in the calendar and put “school event” in the comments.

Bachelor/-ette Party

Perfect for bachelor/-ette parties. Simply book one or more rooms, depending on how many people you are. 3 to 8 fit in one room. Soft drinks are included, no matter if you play an Escape Room or VR Party. The “victim” will play the Escape Adventure for free (at least 5 persons in the room).

Please plan your schedule so that the “getting drunk” part is after the game, not before. We do not allow intoxicated players to enter the rooms.

Birthday Party

A perfect place for your birthday party, no matter what age!

Simply book on or more room at the same time slot. Up to 8 can play in one room. Or choose the VR Party for up to 10 people. Soft drinks are included in both. You can also bring your own cake and eat it in our cozy jungle bistro. The birthday boy or girl will play the Escape Adventure for free (at least 5 people in the room).

Please note: Event packages are not eligible for discounted coupons and other vouchers.

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