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Are you looking for the best Escape Rooms? Don’t want to hang out in a boring bar or cinema? Welcome to Escape Adventures, Adventure Escape Rooms in Frankfurt!

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You and your team will be put into a different world. That is a specially designed real room, not a computer game. You have 70 minutes to complete your mission. Find hidden items, do tasks and solve riddles. That requires team play, a focused mind and creative thinking. But there’s more: In each adventure, you must collect treasures to earn a higher score. Thanks to this system, you can compete in a larger group. Our adventures are available exclusively at Escape Adventures. Choose your adventure:

Escape Room Center Frankfurt
Escape Room Center Frankfurt
Escape Room Center Frankfurt

Or choose one of our thrilling Virtual Reality experiences:

Escape Room Center Frankfurt
Escape Room Center Frankfurt
Escape Room Center Frankfurt

Escape Room Center Frankfurt

This is how the room escape game works …

First book your adventure at the desired date and time in the calendar below. Come to us, get free drinks with free refills in a cool souvenir cup, and an instruction to your mission. Then the 70 minutes of pure adventure start. At the end, you’ll get a certificate with your score, a beautiful team passport as a souvenir and some other gifts. The game is suited for adults as well as children 12 and over. Children under 12 years have to be accompanied by an adult.

Important note: Our rooms are NOT locked, you can leave any time, so there is no danger.

Here’s the rates for the adventure …

Escape Room Center Frankfurt

Book your adventure now

Choose your adventure with date and time, enter your info and click send. You’ll get a confirmation by email immediately. You don’t need to know your team size in advance, each adventure shows the possible number of players.

Important: For short-notice bookings (less than 24 hours in advance), please call us directly at 069 – 30 85 39 50.

In case the calendar doesn’t show correctly, please use the Contact form to book. Tell us your name, address, mobile phone and the date and time and which room you’d like to book.

You can pay cash, ec- or credit cards. No pre-payment needed.

You can cancel or change booked single room adventures free of charge until 14 days before the booked date.

How is Escape Adventures different from other Live Room Escape games?

Our adventures are authentically designed and take you directly into another world, far away from office rooms and your job. No white walled rooms, no desks, no office furniture. Our adventures have been designed by Yoda Zhang, professional game designer with 35 years of experience. Once you see our rooms, you will never go back to regular Escape Rooms. Welcome to Egypt, the Future, to the Spaceship and to the abandoned cabin in the woods. More than ordinary Live Room Escape.

Any questions? Read our FAQ. Or just send us a message.

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Escape Room Center Frankfurt

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Develop your brain!

Our Escape Rooms are not only games for fun. During the adventure, you will learn and improve lots of skills: concentration, communication, awareness, making quick decisions, team work, out of the box thinking, analytic and complete weighting of information … you will learn in a thrilling and playful way during the adventure. Our experienced game masters will help you with hints and put you on the right track. At the end, you will get an evaluation in form of a certificate that shows your score.

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“Unbelieveable!! – The best Escape Room I have ever been to. The rooms have been designed with so much love and the ambience is simply breathtaking!” (User P8857FYannas on Tripadvisor 8/2017)

Escape Room Center Frankfurt Escape Room Center Frankfurt