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VR Arena

NEW: Dive into the world of Virtual Reality!

VR – Virtual Reality – that’s a new form of computer games. You are wearing special glasses and experience the game world in full 3D while all your body movements are directly taken into the game. You can look around, dodge, walk, run and perform actions with your hands, like grab, shoot etc.

The high tech Virtuix Omni system allows you to walk around in the game world freely. That is real E-Sports!

Play solo and experience thrilling adventures. Or play as a team with up to 4 players. There’s lots of fun for every age. 20 different games are to experience. From relaxing nature to apocalyptic zombie shooter, there’s something for every taste and age*. And if you don’t want to be exhausted, we even have a choice of standing games for you.

Out team will show everything to you and explain how to play. It’s very simple and it’s loads of fun!

More than 4 players? The VR party is perfect for birthday parties, bachelor parties etc. Up to 10 players can stay in the room and rotate playing the four stations as they like.

After your first session, you will get a VR card, so you don’t need instructions next time – you will get more game time instead.

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First, choose your adventure, then choose date and time, enter your data and click send. You’ll get a confirmation by email immediately. You don’t need to know your team size in advance, each adventure shows the possible number of players.

Important: For short-notice bookings (less than 24 hours in advance), please call us directly at 069 – 30 85 39 50.

In case the calendar doesn’t show correctly, please use the Contact form to book. Tell us your name, address, mobile phone and the date and time and which room you’d like to book.

Here’s the rates for the adventure …

VR Arena

You can pay cash, ec- or credit cards. No pre-payment needed.

You can cancel or change booked single room adventures free of charge until 14 days before the booked date.

You can watch videos and tutorials of all the games at this website. There you can also create a player account in order to save your scores and progress when you play.

Virtual Reality Arena Game - TraVR Training OPS
Virtual Reality Arena Game - TraVR Shadow OPS
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Omni Arena
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Bow Master
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Dreadhalls
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Coin Rush
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Primordian
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Nature Treks VR
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Project Ghost
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Quell 4D
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Karnage Chronicles
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Hyperdrome
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Affected The Manor
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Vindicta
Virtual Reality Arena Game - VRZ Torment
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Exorcist Legion VR
Virtual Reality Arena Game - The Bellows
Virtual Reality Arena Game - Red October

* VR Arena is suitable for grown-ups, teenagers 16+ and teenagers 12+, accompained by a legal guardian. The games are suitable for different age ranges depending on their content.

VR Arena VR Arena