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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers for most commonly asked question regarding our Live Room Escape games center in Frankfurt. Call for more details.

How does it work?

You will first watch a short instruction video and then enter the room together, where you will also see a mission introduction video. In the room, look for hidden items, solve riddles and puzzles, in order to complete your mission. There’s a different mission for each room. At the same time, try to find as many treasures as possible to get a higher score. If you finish your mission, your score will be calculated by the time you needed and the treasures you’ve found. You will also get a beautiful certificate for your team.

What happens if we don’t succeed?

If you don’t finish your mission in 70 minutes, you still had a lot of fun. Of course we will let you out of the room. You can always give it a second try.

Can I use my mobile in the room?

Usage of mobile phones or other electronic devices would give you an unfair advantage and therefore is not allowed. Please put your mobile phones in the locker before you play. Taking pictures or videos is strictly forbidden due to copyright reasons. No spoilers please. In case of a mobile phone in the room, we have to terminate the game immediately without refund. If you’re expecting an important call, leave your phone with your game master and he will notify you if you have to come out.

Is the game dangerous?

The room is not locked, the emergency exit is always accessible. In case you need to leave early, your game will be over. You won’t get dirty in the room and there are no dangerous things, no real spiders or snakes, but lots of fake ones. It could become a bit scary, but never dangerous.

Will we be recorded during the game?

No. The cameras in the room are for your safety and for us to be able to give you hints if needed.

Is there an age restriction?

Basically no. Families with children are more than welcome, everyone can participate in the game. Parties of kids only should be 12 years or older and need a parent for legal reasons. However, the parent does not need to go in the room. But for sure he wants to. Only if there’s someone under 12, a parent has to be in the room, too. For playing “Lost Cabin” you should be at least 12 years old, sinc there’s blood and gory stuff in the room.

What should we wear?

Normal clothes. You can deposit your jackets in our wardrobe and use our lockers for storing valuables and mobile phones for free.

How many people can play?

Each team can be two to eight persons in one room. Four persons is the perfect team size.

Can I play a room on my own?

Unfortunately, no, since you won’t be able to complete the mission. We are sure you’ll find someone to play with you.

Can we be more than eight people?

Each room can be played with up to eight people. Since we have four rooms, your party can be up to 28 people playing simultaneously.

How much time is needed?

The game is running for 70 minutes. You will get instructions before and a rating afterwards, so make sure to have 90 minutes available.

Is the game available in English?

Yes, of course. All our games are German and English multilingual.

How to book?

Simply click the icon of the room of your choice at date & time of your choice in the calender. Enter your data. You will get an email with confirmation of your booking.

Can I cancel a booked appointment?

You can cancel an appointment, just use this link. If the appointment is in 14 days or later, cancellation is free of charge. If it’s less than 14 days in advance, we charge a fee, depending on how many days left until the appointment.

How can we pay?

You can pay cash or with EC- or all major credit cards.

Do you sell coupons as gifts?

Of course we do! Here: Coupons

Do the same rooms as yours exist somewhere else?

No! All of our adventures are designed by Yoda Zhang and only exist at Escape Adventures. Other Escape Rooms may have rooms with similar themes, but they are not the same room and riddles.

Will the room be different if we play a second time?

It takes a lot of effort and time to build a room like this. But from time to time, we change riddles. The best way to know about this, is to subscribe to our newsletter.

VR Arena

Is there any age limit?

Minimum 16 years without parents, 12 years with parents. The games have different age ratings: 12, 16 or 18 years min.

Is there a height or weight restriction?

For the VR Arena games: Body height can be from 140 to 195 cm (4’7″1/8 up to 6’3″), body weight up to 120 kg (265 pounds). For the VR Escape Rooms, there is no restriction.

Do you need experience in computer gaming?

No, definetely not. You can choose from several games, even taking a peaceful walk in nature.

How many people can play at the same time?

We have four Omni stations, so four players can play VR simultaneously. But you can play with up to 10 people and change at the stations.

Can I play alone?

Yes, for sure! There are lots of single player games and some multi player games.

Don’t you get motion sick when playing VR?

The motion sickness you get in simple home systems results from your eye and your inner ear sending different signales to your brain, because you see movement, but you don’t move in reality. In our Omni system, you really walk and run, therefore you actually move and don’t get confusing signals. You will be more exhausted, however, since you’re doing sports. After a bit of training, even this will get better, since you will master the technique of moving around in the game. In case you don’t feel good with the walking, we have some games without walking to choose from.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Of course! Here: Gift vouchers