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ONline Escape Room

Prof. Smith's Secret Tomb Online Escape Room Game

Play a thrilling Escape Room Adventure from the comfort of your home: Discover the secrets of Prof. Smith’s Tomb.

This is a multiplayer team game. Your group can interact even from different locations. You buy only one game code for your group and share it with your team members. We recommend 2-5 players for a team. With more players, simply buy more codes and split your group for maximum fun.

No download needed, plays in your browser. Only $19.99 for the whole group.

Buy now, play at any time you want, no need to make a reservation. Makes a perfect gift!

Already played Pharaoh’s Curse? Don’t worry, the riddles are completely different!

Escape Room @ Home

Pharaohs Revenge Escape Room Spiel

Everything you need for a great escape room game with your friends is inside the box. To break the Pharaoh’s Curse, you need to solve many riddles. Includes download for atmospheric background sounds. For 1 to 6 players, around 60 to 90 minutes play time. Everyone can play, there is no game master needed. Get the real escape room for your home now! Of curse completely in English.

only 24,90 €, no shipping cost. Order now!

Vouchers with gift box

Escape Room Gutschein mit Geschenkbox

Vouchers for a complete adventure or VR. Choose the number of players or a certain amount of money. The number of players can be changed later by paying the difference.

These vouchers are complete with a beautiful gift box. A perfect gift!

New: Puzzle vouchers

Escape Room Puzzle Gutschein

Your victim has to put together the puzzle first.

Size of the puzzle appr. 23.5 x 14.5 cm, 60 pieces.

Beautiful picture frames

Escape Room Gutschein Bilderrahmen

Great picture frames that make your voucher even more attractive. After using the voucher, the frames can be used for normal photos easily.

1 year Escape membership

VR Sparpass

This is your Escape Adventures membership for one year of unlimited fun! Play all our Escape Rooms, VR Escape Rooms and VR Arena without additional payment! There are 13 adventures to choose from. Only your team mates have to pay (you need at least 2).

VR Saver card

VR Sparpass

Use this card to save big on VR games! You can use it for yourself or take others with you. It’s valid every day and every time and for persons of your choice. You can use it to play VR Arena as well as VR Escape rooms, in groups of 4 people.