ONline Escape Adventures

Prof. Smith's Secret Tomb Online Escape Room Game

Play a thrilling Escape Adventure from the comfort of your home.

Discover the secrets of Prof. Smith’s Tomb.

Play with your friends from the comfort of your home

This is a multiplayer team game.
Your group can interact even from different locations.
You buy only one game code for your group
and share it with your team members.


No download needed, plays in your browser.

For a larger group, simply buy more than one code and split in teams.

Only $19.99 for the whole group.

Adventure and fun for the whole family

Buy now, play at any time you want, no need to make a reservation.

Makes a perfect gift!

Prof. Smith's Secret Tomb Online Escape Room Game

Already played Pharaoh’s Curse?
Don’t worry, the riddles are completely different!

How does it work?

First, buy your access code.
You’ll need only one code for one team (2-5 recommended).
For larger teams, buy more codes and split in groups.

Set a date and time to play with your team and pass them the code,
so everyone can log in at the same time.
Also open a video chat - zoom, whatsapp, skype, whatever you prefer
- so you can see and hear each other.
Remember that this is a team game.

Let everyone log in with the link provided in the confirmation email.
It works in a normal browser, no download needed, no installation.
Keep the browser window open and follow the instructions on screen.

Most important: Have fun!
Talk to your team, discuss your ideas, solve the riddles and tasks together.